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Thursday, June 4, 2015

2015.04.12 Mabry Mill

One of the attractions along the Blue Ridge Parkway is Mabry Mill, and it was definitely on our list of things to do. We headed out in the morning and made this our first stop for the day. Jeff and I love these old buildings and it's truly a treat for us to be able to visit these areas. There was an old still there, and also a recipe for homemade soap. I've been seeing a lot of recipes on Pinterest for homemade soap that still use lye, so this was kind of interesting to me.

We decided that we had seen enough of the Blue Ridge Parkway after this and headed west. We ended up in West Virginia and drove across the New River Gorge Bridge. At one time it was the longest arch bridge, but can no longer claim that title. It was pretty cool to drive across, especially for this woman that used to be nervous going across bridges.

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